On May 16, 2017, members of New Jersey RIMS once again met at The Grain House Restaurant at the Olde Mill Inn in Basking Ridge, NJ, to discuss cyber risk, which has affected just about all of us, whether in our professional or personal lives.

The meeting featured two industry experts in this area: Steve Bridges - Senior Vice President, Cyber/E&O Practice, JLT Specialty USA, and Scott Kannry - CEO, Axio Global, Inc..

After a delicious hot breakfast, the speakers led an interactive discussion with the audience.  Our panelists spoke about ways to identify your organization’s cyber exposure and evaluate all of the policies that may apply in the event of a breach.  They cited real-life examples to make the presentation interesting and applicable.  Attendees left with implementable paths based on their own organizations’ sophistication in this arena.  Our sincerest thanks to our speakers and the audience!